Our Team

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We have an awesome(!) voluntary team led by Reverends Ana & Paul Fletcher under the oversight of Archdeacon Stuart Goodin. Our Wednesday service is often led by Archdeacon Stuart or Rev John Hancox, while our Sunday evening service is supported by Reverends Chelsea and Chris Kirby and Bishop Justin Duckworth. There are numerous others who contribute to our life together as a church whānau through music, hospitality, and other acts of service and generosity.

You can contact Paul on 0212800777 or Ana on 0210362743.


Our Building


History of St Peter’s Church building

St Peter’s is understood to be the oldest public building in Whanganui still in use for its original purpose. The building was originally built on Victoria Avenue in 1866 to be the second Christ Church. It was in use there until 1920, when it was replaced by the present building in Wicksteed St. It was then dismantled, transferred to its present site, re-erected, and dedicated as St Peter’s in February 1922. It underwent strengthening following its near destruction by ex-tropical cyclone Giselle (the “Wahine storm”) during April 1968.

The circular window above the sanctuary depicting the Star of David is the only stained glass window remaining in St Peter’s which belonged to the original church. Other beautiful windows have been added since.

The Early English design of the church is the work of H C Field, who was the Wanganui Town Board surveyor at the time. Native timbers were used in its construction, including rimu, totara, matai, and kauri.

A full description of the church and of the early history of the parish can be found at: St Peter’s Heritage


Our Parish


anglican parish of whanganui

The Anglican Church in Whanganui was founded on the ministry of CMS missionaries, the Reverends John Mason (1840-1843) and Richard Taylor (1843-1873), coverjng a wide region from the Patea River to the Rangitikei River.

The Anglican Parish of Whanganui was formed by the amalgamation in 2017 of the four existing parishes: Castlecliff, Eastern Whanganui, Gonville, and Wanganui-Christ Church; in some ways returning the parish to its original roots. The parish runs roughly from the Okehu Stream on SH3 (near Maxwell in the northwest) to the Turakina River in the southeast, and up the Whanganui River as far as Matahiwi Landing.

We are a vibrant, growing parish with several worship centres, diverse styles, and embracing of all ages.

Visit the Anglican Parish of Whanganui website to find out more.